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The Aftermath May 21, 2013

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Last week I went to the Midlands Professional Development day and spoke on Project Managing the Zombie Apocalypse. It was a wonderful day. They had great courses on leadership, communication, risk, healthcare, and, of course, zombies. They put on a magnificent shindig and I would encourage anyone who has a chance to attend.

Brain Photo
A few things I’ve learned in the last few weeks as I prepared for this meeting:
1. You can project manage creating your presentation. The key is motivating your resource. For me that’s Pizza and Chilli.
2. Work can really interfere with your personal projects. Make sure you build in a buffer. Murphy works overtime when you are supposed to be preparing for a presentation. I actually took the last 2 days off to shine up my presentation and got less than 4 hours of time due to an unexpected emergency at work.
3. If you can add resources into your work pool, you can add some gold plating to your project. It may not exactly be “in scope”, but it’s cool. Thanks to my wife, I went to the conference with a “brain hat” and “vaccine” for those who attended my course.
4. Always have a backup plan. PMI Atlanta cancelled the PDD here in Atlanta. I would have been tremendously disappointed if I had spent all that time putting together the presentation and then never been able to deliver it. Also, PMI Midlands helped create backup plans for their conference. everyone brought their presentation on thumb drive as well as PC. There was even a backup speaker, ready to present, in case someone couldn’t make it at the last moment.

You can find the Paper related to the presentation on the “How to Manage the Zombie Apocalypse” tab. It is no longer password protected.

Are there topics you would like to explore in project management, leadership, or management?

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PDD swag May 5, 2013

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