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Welcome to TheFieldGeneral. This blog is intended to focus on general leadership and project management.

I am a PMP certified project manager who has been working in technology for the last 14 years and leading teams for the last 10+ years. In that time I have built and developed a PMO, led numerous software development projects, and led teams who migrated, converted, or upgraded thousands of financial institutions.

Why Leadership and Project Management?

Leadership has been key to most of the success I have experienced over the years. To paraphrase John Maxwell’s Law of the Lid, success is generally limited by the leadership of the individual involved. I strongly believe that leadership at all levels, from individual contributor to executive management is critical for ongoing growth and achievement.

Project Management is ultimately a set of management skills that allow you to complete well-defined goals and objectives in a predictable manner. It is ultimately the execution of change. We all regularly deal with change.

Most leaders run their day-to-day operation well, but struggle with making changes in their organizations. Good leaders have picked up Project Management skills and steer their organizations through change with success. Excellent leaders have both the Project Management skills and strong leadership skills, allowing them to not only to guide change, but drive it through with speed and excellence.

I hope that the blog helps give you ideas to enhance your leadership and navigate the treacherous waters of change.

Chris Coussens, PMP

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